Bringing The Greenline To Life

November 7, 2018Dunaway Projects

By Bryan Kye Mask, ASLA 

We recently completed a special project within the Brooks development in San Antonio, Texas. We’ve been fortunate enough to be involved in numerous projects within this development and adjacent properties. With the Brooks Gravesite and Hangar 9 Restoration Project, we were able to introduce Brooks to our ability to re-energize forgotten spaces. It was our success with these projects that ultimately allowed our professional design services to be chosen for the Greenline Park project.

The Greenline Park project in San Antonio, Texas highlighted our team’s unique ability to repurpose an abandoned golf course into a linear park while creating a “Greenline” amongst the new developments at the heart of Brooks. Originally a 43-acre golf course that flowed through the air force base, the Greenline was located in a floodway—which meant it was undevelopable land. The developers envisioned a green space that would integrate with future development and provide multiple outdoor recreation opportunities for the community.

One of my personal favorite tasks, in any job I do, is to bring something back to life. That’s why this project has such a special place in my heart. We took an abandoned golf course inside undevelopable floodplains and created an artery that the entire Brooks development can enjoy. I imagine that children will grow up with memories of this space—where they played outdoors with their friends, or fished with their families. It is a great joy to be allowed to play some small part in those memories with our contributions to the project.

Thanks to the vision of those involved in the project, Greenline has become a special place within the Brooks community. The park has brought back to life abandoned land and successfully reintegrated the land into the community. What’s not to be proud of about that?