2018 and Beyond: What’s New and What’s Next for Dunaway Central Texas

July 31, 2018Dunaway Blog, News

Colton House | Source: Levy Architects

Our team has been a part of many great things around the Austin area. With our recent acquisition of Urban Design Group, we added planning and surveying to the services that we provide our clients in Austin, along with knowledge of the City of Austin’s process. This acquisition, along with 2 hospitality projects in and around Austin, has generated a foundation for a lasting impact within the Central Texas community.

We are especially proud of the projects we have been working on within Central Texas. Locally, we’ve worked on the Colton House, a boutique hotel on South Congress which is set to open its doors in the fall of 2019. Dunaway provided structural engineering services to this unique new building, and we are excited to continue our contributions to this fascinating production.

Seven Hills Resort. Source: The Beck Group

Dunaway has expanded a bit further west to assist with The Seven Hills Resort in Fredericksburg. We will be sharing our civil, utility, road and fire protection engineering expertise for this $78 million hotel and conference center. The Seven Hills Resort is projected to open in early 2020. We are eager to continue our work on this landmark project with The Beck Group.

Dunaway is anticipative of the tremendous growth opportunity in Central Texas that has already been realized in 2018. We are privileged to be a part of such a uniquely beautiful community, and do not take lightly the honor of contributing to its iconic landscape. We look forward to sharing our contributions and accomplishments within the Central Texas region in 2018 and beyond.