Design Excellence: San Antonio PLA

July 25, 2019Design Excellence

The second video in our Design Excellence series highlights two of the projects our Planning + Landscape Architecture (PLA) team recently completed in the City of San Antonio – Greenline Park and Hanger 9.

At The Greenline, Bryan Mask, ASLA | Associate Principal and his team converted an abandoned golf course at Brooks City Base into an urban park. Through the incorporation of detention ponds and park-like features such as pavilions and trails, our PLA team transformed the deserted grounds into a natural green space. In addition to the aesthetic changes, the team considered how they could lower the cost of maintenance to the grounds. One of the ways our PLA team did this is by using native grasses and wildflowers – both of which are plants that require little to no maintenance and take care of themselves. The result of this natural design is a space that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but one that is financially considerate and reduces the cost of upkeep.

Another project our PLA team worked on were the renovations at Hanger 9. Hanger 9 is a World War One airplane hangar that has since been restored and turned into an event space. One of the most important elements on this project was in the simplification of the site design. In an effort to not take away from the hanger, our landscape design was intentionally very simple – we wanted to make sure that people could actually see the beauty of the structure, without distractions. It was also important to the team to make sure that the Hangar was visible and able to be seen from all angles, as well as from the different intersections nearby.

It’s seeing projects like Hanger 9 and The Greenline come to fruition that makes our PLA team beam with pride. As Bryan explains, “We put a lot of heart and soul into our design. When we see people enjoying the spaces we helped create, it makes the effort worth it.”