Dunaway Difference: Summer Internship Program

September 3, 2019Dunaway Difference

dunaway intern site visit at TCUWhen asked what has helped to grow Dunaway into the successful business it is today, our Vice President, Ross Eubanks, PE, SE, stated that, “while I could give credit to strategic business plans, endless hours of business development and fantastic engineering and PLA work (all of which Dunaway has!), the real difference is in the people. I firmly believe an organization must be committed to developing their employees into leaders—wherever they may be in the company.”

One way that Dunaway has put this belief into action is through their internship program. In fact, as I write the blog post you are currently reading, I do so as a proud marketing intern here at Dunaway. Although my internship is currently on-going, Dunaway offers both focused and rotating internships, depending upon the intern’s tenure in school and desired area of focus. The internship experience involves a variety of opportunities and events, such as Burgers & Brews, and volunteerism with Stop Hunger Now; all of which result in learning both technical and professional skills, as well as having a little bit of fun!

This year, our summer internships began in the beginning of June and wrapped up at the end of August. As this session is coming to a close, we’re finding ourselves saying goodbye to a few of the talented, seasonal interns that have worked with us all summer long. Before they go, we asked them what they enjoyed most about their internship, and why they chose to work with Dunaway.

“I enjoyed the various projects I was able to contribute to and the trust that was given to me on seeing my part through. There was always something to work on, which was great. I never had an issue communicating with my department because everyone was so nice and positive.” – Paul Intakeo, GIS Intern

“Aside from all of the technical knowledge that I gained, I enjoyed the positive work culture and welcoming atmosphere that everyone at Dunaway embodies. I don’t think I’ve had a negative experience with anyone here, and I developed many meaningful professional relationships during my time here.”
Eric Wu, Civil Intern

“I am very lucky to be in a position where I can compare my first impressions from each internship year at Dunaway to my first year as a full-time employee. I don’t think you can underestimate the value these internships had – not only on my knowledge, but also on my confidence. These internships gave me a “leg-up” when it came to the basic understanding of how Dunaway works day-to-day, what the expectations will be, as well as a vision of where I may go with my career. Now, as a full-time employee, I have much more responsibility but because of the internships, I don’t feel as overwhelmed. Dunaway always does a good job encouraging questions and providing wonderful guidance. Because of this, the transition from intern to a full-time employee has been a smooth and seamless one.”
Emily Ehringer, Graduate Engineer

We feel lucky to have each and every one of these interns this summer season. Although we may be saying goodbye to a few of them now – it’s likely that this goodbye will be more of a “see you later,” as many interns in the past have received job offers upon graduation and have been able to enjoy all the benefits that come with being a full-time part of the Dunaway family! We’re always looking for new, brilliant minds to add to our team and we encourage you to keep an eye out for us at a career fair near you this fall.

Written by Sara Grayum, 2019 Marketing Intern