Dunaway Team: Core Values (Part 1)

March 6, 2019Uncategorized
Our Core Values are a unifying force that shapes our culture, client interactions, and the way we treat each other. Recently, we asked our team which of the Core Values they identify with the most and why. Discover some of their answers below.
Adam Brewster

Respect is critical to success in all aspects of life. On projects, a team working together with mutual attitude of respect can overcome any project challenges and will lead success for all parties involved.”

Adam Brewster, PLA, ASLA
Senior Discipline Lead | Associate

Darrell Howard

Sense of Urgency because without it clients can quickly become worried if they do not get quick responses. Worried clients do not equate to repeat work. It also increases our efficiency with every day task which increases profitability.”

Darrell Howard, Jr., PE
Discipline Lead 

Austin Carr

“I identify most with the Core Value of Respect. If you treat yourself and those with whom you work (internally and externally) with respect, trust is more easily fostered and issues can be resolved more efficiently. Responsiveness is a close second as I think it is a large part of what sets Dunaway apart from other firms.”

Austin Carr, EIT
Discipline Lead

“The Core Value that I identify with the most is Responsiveness. With a natural urge to please people, I hate leaving phone calls, emails, or deliverables unanswered and leaving a client wondering if I have forgotten about him/her.

Greg Westcott, PE
Discipline Lead

“I relate most with Attitude of Service. An attitude to serve others, along with a positive outlook, goes a long way. A service-oriented attitude helps improve our firm culture and working relationships, and allows us to view problems or setbacks as opportunities.”

Matt Maly, PE
Discipline Lead

Tune back in soon for another Core Values feature from our team!