Lasting Impact

October 2, 2018Uncategorized

At Dunaway, we believe some of our best qualities as a company include our emphasis on teamwork, collaboration, and serving others. Our leaders are characterized by these behaviors, and strive to direct their teams accordingly. This is a large contributor to Dunaway’s success—strong leadership instilling disciplines in their teams that they mirror themselves.

Our Vice President and Regional Executive of Central Texas, Ross Eubanks, recently reflected on the many changes that have occurred in Austin over the last year. Check out his article on lasting impact below:

I realized recently that I have been a contributing member of the workforce for 20 years. I have been blessed in my career to work alongside incredibly talented professionals whom I am honored to call friends and colleagues. Along the way, I’ve watched a small, 600 square foot structural engineering office grow into a thriving, multi-discipline professional services firm with 45 employees in Central Texas. We’ve successfully completed hundreds of projects and developed a rock-solid client base.

While I could give credit to strategic business plans, endless hours of business development and great engineering work (all of which Dunaway has!), the real difference is in the people. I firmly believe an organization must be committed to developing their employees into leaders—wherever they may be in the company.

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