Looking Back: Our Favorite Projects (Part 2)

December 21, 2018Dunaway Projects, Uncategorized

We’re back with Round Two of our employee picks for their favorite projects of 2018! Read below to find out what Oke, Paul and Cristian had to say about their favorite project of 2018.

Oke Orieka
Graduate Engineer

My favorite project from this year has been working on the design of the newest middle school in Royse City, Texas. The building by VLK Architects about 140,000 square feet and is the largest structure I’ve helped design since starting at Dunaway. The new school features a large courtyard with planters to aid the students in learning about agriculture and gardening. The school also has a beautiful library that encloses a collaborative and technologically advanced learning space in floor-to-ceiling glass windows.

My favorite part of working on this project has been collaborating with the architects at VLK. The architects aimed to clarify their design intent as much as possible to the entire team, and they were very responsive and accommodating to the structural needs of the building. The structural engineering of this building gave me a chance to test myself on some of the concepts I’ve learned since I started working at Dunaway two years ago and gave me an opportunity to research and learn some new design approaches.


Paul Krause
Discipline Lead

Hum… guess it would be Deer Glade. There have been a lot of challenges, but I like working of the large lot rural type subdivisions. It required input from all our disciplines as well as working closely with Parker County and the Upper Trinity Groundwater Conservation District. It is a heavily wooded property and once approved and constructed it will be a beautiful finished product.





Cristian Alonso, EIT
Graduate Engineer I

I have really enjoyed being part of the team working on Safe Routes to School in Fort Worth and Arlington. It was one of the first projects that I helped with as an intern and have continued to work on as a full-time employee. It is a huge, fun, and unique project that has given me a lot of indispensable experience. At the same time, this project allows me to give back to the community around me and address safety concerns. Who wouldn’t feel happy and proud to work on a project that increases the safety of children?