Looking Back: Our Favorite Projects

December 13, 2018Dunaway Blog

As we wrap up the year and look forward to what 2019 will bring, we thought we’d share some of the projects that made this year memorable!
We asked employees from all levels and disciplines “What has been your favorite project to work on in 2018 and why?” Here are some of their responses:

Katie Bruner, EIT
Graduate Engineer

“The Fort Worth Zoo Elephant Springs, part of the Zoo’s A Wilder Vision project, has been my favorite project of 2018. Working with the Fort Worth Zoo is such a collaborative process with so many different challenges that there’s rarely a dull moment.






Jeremy Garcia-Glasscock, EIT
Graduate Engineer

“The Tavolo Park Phase II project has been my favorite to work on this year. I was given the opportunity to model and design a detention pond to handle storm water runoff created by the single-family development. It has been a great learning experience and chance to learn from more knowledgeable professional engineers on how to create a more cost-conscious design while meeting the requirements for runoff mitigation.”





Daniel Tremper, PE
Senior Discipline Lead | Associate

“My favorite project this year was the Water Well Improvements project for the City of White Settlement. Designing a water well is not a simple task and a lot of moving parts to get correct. During construction, I really enjoyed working with the well driller, Tim Watts, as he and his family have over 100 years of experience drilling water wells in the metroplex. With his trained eye for reading e-logs, Tim helped us determine where the water bearing sand layers were within the aquifer and we were able to add additional well screen length and get about 25% more yield from the well. Being able to provide a new water source to the City gives me a sense of pride and accomplishment – that’s why this was my favorite project of 2018!”