2019 – A Look Ahead

January 11, 2019Dunaway Blog, Uncategorized

The start of the new year is always a mix of excitement, anticipation, and gathering as much forecasting information as possible. A few takeaways that I have learned from practicing in this business for over 30 years are the following: We build the best company we can, based on sound business principles, with the best employees we can find. Then we operate within our Core Values and the year will take care of itself.

Let me elaborate a bit more on what I mean by ‘the year will take care of itself’. In December 2017 the stock market was up about 24% for the year. Predictions for the market in 2018 called for an equal or more robust outcome, so what really happened? The market was down around 8% at the end of the year, a clear indication that many experts could not foresee the variables of the year that would influence the market.

We practice our business in this same unpredictable environment, which might seem a little unnerving to some, my peace of mind comes from the way we have built our business. While we cannot accurately predict the business environment for the year, we stand confidently together to tackle whatever positive or negative challenges the year presents.

Cheers to 2019!

Tom Galbreath, ASLA, RLA
President | CEO