Bexar County “Greenies” Urban Farm

The Agrilife Extension Service educates Texans in the areas of agriculture, environmental stewardship, health and wellness, youth and adult life skills, human capital and leadership, and community economic development. The current facilities in Bexar County are spread out among various commercial buildings with limited capacity to serve the community.

As a unique public destination, the “Greenies” urban farm will provide a central location and new facilities for the Agrilife Extension Service. The farm will be located on the East side of San Antonio in a low income, urban area. Also in this area is the AT&T center where the annual Bexar County Stockshow and Rodeo is held.

The current design contains Ag Extension offices located at the urban farm with a large demonstration area, livestock pens, orchard, farmer market pavilion, outdoor kitchen, and event center.

An existing drainage channel at the center of the site will be restored to a natural creek and used as an amenity with native plant material and wildlife habitat. Rainwater harvesting, bio-swales and other low impact development features will allow stormwater runoff to be collected and used for irrigation on site.


Debra Dockery Architects


San Antonio, TX


Civil Engineering
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