Escondido Creek Parkway Master Plan

The Master Plan for the development of Escondido Creek Parkway created a unique opportunity for Dunaway to collaborate with the San Antonio River Authority and the City of Kenedy to help define a vision for transforming an intermittent creek floodplain into a multi-purpose public open space in the center of Kenedy, Texas. The project takes a multi-faceted approach by restoring native habitat, detaining and filtering runoff, and providing valuable open space and recreation opportunities for the surrounding community.

A hike and bike trail system meanders along the creek, providing connection from surrounding neighborhoods and businesses to the natural waterway and network of parks created by the Master Plan. Picnic areas, a playground, an amphitheater, and a large pavilion provide open gathering space, while trailheads, entry monuments, and signage begin to create a unique identity for the Kenedy parks system.

The team on the Escondido Creek Master Plan continued to work on the project through construction documents. The project is currently under construction and is slated to open late 2020.


San Antonio River Authority


Kenedy, TX


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