The Greenline

Awarded a 2020 Merit award by Texas ASLA, The Greenline waterfront park project consisted of the transformation of an abandoned golf course into a 43-acre linear park complete with a network of trails and amenities in the center of Brooks City Base.

Trailheads provide access points for multi-family residences, academic campuses, and visitors. These access points contain trail maps, rest areas, and signage. Nodes along the trails provide locations for local artists’ work and provide interest and educational opportunities along the park.

Bio-Swales, retention ponds and stormwater wetlands are a few of the Low Impact Development (LID) practices integrated into the park. The collection of runoff into these features provide irrigation for native plant communities, filter water before infiltration into the water table as well as reducing runoff into the stormwater system.

Low Maintenance native areas provide habitat areas for local wildlife. These areas contain a mix of short and tall native grasses, drought tolerant shrubs and groundcovers and water edge planting. This diversity of plant material and density allows for numerous habitats to be established.

Pavilions and a small amphitheater located along the trail provide areas for small gatherings and picnicking. Large expanses of green space provide open play areas for local residents and visitors.


Beaty Palmer Architects


San Antonio, TX


Planning + Landscrape Architecture