The revitalization of Fort Worth’s South Main Village

September 11, 2019Commercial, Municipal

South Main Village - Fort Worth - Dunaway project

South Main Street in Fort Worth has long been characterized by abandoned buildings, but the nearby village is being restored to its former glory, honoring its history while making new memories for residents of today. The south of downtown Fort Worth, mainly the South Main Village, has experienced a revitalization with new offices, bars, and residences coming to town. Involved in a variety of projects in the area, Dunaway proudly provided a range of professional services to support the village’s vision of becoming an attractive place to live, work, and play.


South Main Village - Fort Worth - Dunaway projectLocal entities such as Near Southside Inc. helped begin this renovation with the idea of making South Main Village a modernized, mixed-use neighborhood. Part of the modernization included the implementation of complete streets: streets that are functional for all types of transportation, including bicycles and foot traffic. Following guidelines set by the South Main Urban Village Plan, Dunaway assisted in applying the best practices to bring the plan to fruition. This included adding streetscape, public utility and drainage, franchise utility, traffic plans, signage, sidewalks, barrier-free ramps, bike lanes, landscape design, and sustainable stormwater strategies along the roadways of South Main Street.

Jason Williamson, PE, Vice President of Dunaway and a member of Near Southside, Inc.’s Board of Directors, has witnessed the evolution of the village in person. “I’ve been involved with Near Southside since 2013,” he said. “I joined because I had strong passion for doing work within the community.” He remembers that reconstructing South Main Street was not an easy job, but a gem was found during the process.

“While reconstructing the street we discovered the original brick underneath,” Williamson added. “We decided to salvage the brick and reuse it for the intersection overlays, blending the old with the new.”


The Bowery - Fort Worth - Dunaway projectResidential buildings such as the Bowery aim to make the South Main Village an attractive place to live. Located deep within the heart of the village, the Bowery is a multi-family complex that will help shape the development and culture of South Main. Our civil and survey teams contributed to the design of the Bowery, which included grading, site layout, drainage, erosion control, and utility layout plans.

Dunaway’s structural and civil teams also lent a hand in the 415 Hemphill project, with construction about to start soon. This is a 208,000-square-foot, five-story, wood-framed multi-family complex located in the western part of the village. The building wraps a 110,000-square-foot, five-level, 283-space precast parking garage. The apartments are positioned about a mile from the Medical District, a great place to reside for employees in that area.

Another community is Highpoint Urban Living, a recent project completed in 2017. Located close to the Fort Worth Medical District, the apartments combine historic and modern by renovating a former 1920s Coca-Cola bottling plant while still keeping some of its history. Dunaway’s survey services were utilized for this apartment complex, accessing the land site and environment.


601 South Main is a mixed-use building, standing two stories tall and covering 24,000 square feet with a great view of South Main. In the midst of the South Main village, this space is intended for both office and retail use. Dunaway’s services used at this location included site layout, demolition, grading, drainage, utility, and erosion control design.


Moncrief Cancer Institute - Fort Worth - Dunaway projectThe Moncrief Cancer Institute, an extension of the UT Southwestern Monty and Tex Moncrief Medical Center, has been established as a support network for those battling cancer. Located at the eastern edge of the South Main Village, the institute features a garden to host events as well as an auditorium that can seat up to 100 people. Our team provided services including stormwater, utility, water/wastewater, and paving design, civil engineering design and site development. The Moncrief Cancer Institute is one of the six major healthcare establishments within the Southside area.

Dunaway is also involved in projects in neighboring villages, including the Medical District. This includes the Cook Children’s Medical Center, with services provided for the redevelopment of the main campus, expansion of the North Tower, addition of the South Tower, and design of the Happy Heart Sculpture Garden.


The revitalization of South Main Village has helped breathe new life into the urban community, especially with free public events. ArtsGoggle, a family-friendly arts event, has been hosted in the Southside for 17 years. The event takes place in the Magnolia Village, but due to popularity, has recently expanded to South Main Village, stretching for more than two miles. One of Fort Worth’s popular local art festivals, ArtsGoggle showcases the diversity and the culture that makes the Southside what it is today.