Tom Galbreath Steps Down As Chair Of Fort Worth Real Estate Council

April 25, 2019Community Involvement

At any stage of our lives and careers, leadership makes all the difference. Dunaway would not be where it is today without the vision and oversight of President and CEO Tom Galbreath, and as he prepares to step down as Chair of the Fort Worth Real Estate Council, we’d like to recognize some of his accomplishments and contributions to the community.

In Tom’s two year term, the Real Estate Council has worked with several incredible groups to improve many aspects of the city for its citizens and visitors. In terms of improving the infrastructure and general city improvements, they have helped to make the city more traversable with a Walkability study, addressed stormwater impact areas as part of a city task force, and worked with the Young Leaders in the Panther Den to help plan and design projects in the community.

The REC also worked with the Chamber of Commerce to highlight the many perks of living in Fort Worth and what Fort Worth should highlight as strengths and spirit of the city. Additionally, REC has actively supported the Tarrant Transit Alliance, the Design Center and The Dash with financial contributions to help make their important work possible. And of course, the group took time to have a little fun along the way: they helped to raise nearly $10,000 as a part of the Young Leaders Steering Committee Dodgeball Tournament!

All in all, Tom‘s tenure as Chair of the REC allowed him to work in conjunction with the other civic leaders and members of the council and lead the group towards making lasting impacts on the city. Tom started his career at Dunaway and has worked diligently for years as a member of our company and community, providing quality work and expertise which shows in his passion as Chair of the Real Estate Council. At Dunaway, we share that passion for being productive community members, and Tom’s leadership in the REC serves as a pro bono extension of the work we have done as a company for different organizations in the City of Fort Worth and beyond.