Our Work With Texas Christian University

November 16, 2018Dunaway Projects

As student enrollment grows, so does the need for campus infrastructure at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas. With a stellar curriculum and newly added TCU and UNTHCS School of Medicine, it’s no wonder student enrollment is at an all-time high. While growth is always welcome, it doesn’t come without challenges. Dunaway’s Team of experts have been helping TCU and it’s faculty with campus master planning, utility upgrades, as well as building and facility renovations in order to accommodate the college’s projected growth.

Worth Hills Village added 1,800 and additional dinning and parking. This project included individual site planning for each building, relocation of existing franchise utilities, and designed proposed utility corridors specifically made for easy access to sewers and water lines – all while focusing on increased functionality and reduced costs for maintenance and future expansion. Check out our video to see a few of the new additions to TCU’s campus and a behind-the-scenes look at construction.